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Making the Most of Spring Recruiting

Wednesday, December 13th at 1PM EST

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Recruiting during the spring semester presents an opportunity to not just fill immediate pipeline, but also build long-term relationships with underclass students to proactively fill future pipelines.

On Wednesday, December 13th at 1PM EST, we’ll be sharing data-driven tips your University Recruiting team can use to make the most of spring recruiting. These include best practices for recruiting in the spring and how to show up on campus even when you’re not looking to fill immediate pipeline.

We’ll also be sharing a framework to diagnose and respond to why you might be sprinting to extend offers in the spring (i.e., late requisitions, reneges, etc.). 

Whether you're already prepping for your return to campus or contemplating new approaches to optimize the spring semester, this webinar will help you make the most of Spring 2024.

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