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6 Challenges Facing University Recruiting Teams in 2024

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The University Recruiting and early talent landscape continue to evolve at a rapid pace. So, to remain competitive and achieve lofty goals this year, University Recruiting leaders need to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

That includes staying ahead of the challenges UR teams are likely to face in 2024.

At our webinar, we delved into the 6 challenges we anticipate University Recruiting teams will face this year:
 - Increased applicant volumes
 - Looming economic uncertainty
 - Heightened scrutiny on UR
 - Elevated student expectations
 - Growing influence of politics
 - AI disruptions

You can’t fully address a problem without a true understanding of that problem, so watch the webinar recording for the information you’ll need to get ahead of this year’s challenges and set your team up for success in 2024.

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